The power of language , do you know how saying something unknowingly in a negative way can affect someone so much.

I believe before I started NLP and hypnosis I was also probably very guilty of this, now I notice it so much knowing the effect it could be having on someone.

That’s why I think this is really important to share with you wether you are a fighter or a trainer / cornerman.

power of language

Keep the language in the positive, and with this I mean what you want the Fighter to do in a fight.

Examples of what not to say:

  • Don’t rush him/her
  • Don’t drop your hands when you kick
  • Stop letting him / her control you
  • Don’t let the fight go to the ground
  • Don’t want be trading blows with him / her

And replace with these:

  • Be patient when you attack
  • Keep your hands up when you kick
  • Take control of the fight
  • Keep the fight on your feet (by doing x,y&z)
  • Hit and Move, Fight Clever

The brain doesn’t understand negatives especially as it visualises something.

For example:

  • Don’t think about the person you love the most
  • Don’t think about their face, their smile
  • Don’t think about how they make you feel loved
  • Don’t think about funny or happy times you have shared.

It’s highly possible on some level you thought about this person even though I said DON’T.

Those are very simple examples, here’s something I’ve heard at a show before;

“Ok all of our fighters have won their fights, lets not lose it now”

This was before the last fighter was about to go out.

Although the trainers intentions were good this adds so much unnecessary pressure to the fighter, making it easy for the Fighter to focus on not losing which to do this the brain focuses on losing as the previous examples.

On a fight camp package I ask the fighters to answer 3 questions and send me the answers so I can monitor their language and I notice so much, I will message straight back letting them know if it needs correcting or if it is perfect.

I also notice if something’s up when I either chat over video / in person or by messaging so I unearth the issue and help them come to a resolution helping them move forward and continue to progress in their training and mindset.

If you want to know more please get in touch…..

I WILL make YOU A Better Fighter