amy glennon

Amy Glennon – Muay Thai Champion

Having completed 12 fights together multiple Championships across different disciplines, the mindset coaching and the Hypnosis has become an integral part of my success in the ring , Rich has changed my life and I become the most confident version of myself, he’s reset the way I talk to myself, the visualisations we do for Fight prep are a crucial part of getting myself into the headspace I need to be in when I step into the ring, I would 110% recommend anyone reaching out to rich and having a session with him, I am so grateful that I decided to, and I really couldn’t picture what I do without him and his support and coaching

Jessie Geyl

Jessie ‘The real deal’ Geyl – Muay Thai Multiple Champion

I would not be able to do what I do without him, I’ve worked with Rich now for almost 2 years solid probably a little bit longer, the compound in interest of working with him is making me just so much more relaxed and READY and SHARP it’s just AMAZING how powerful the mind is, so anyway I want to thank rich for all his help and as always its always a pleasure and I look forward to the next one


Myles – Muay Thai Champion

I just won the Queensland Title and I  worked with rich for this fight and It has completely changed the game I went in there and  was calm confident focused and devoted, it’s something that I’d always struggled with the mental side and this has completely changed the game and I got the reward from it, I couldn’t recommend you more


Sophie Howard – Football Player for Leicester + Scotland

I want to give Rich Hart a massive shoutout he’s helped me with my mental game massively, we’ve been working together for about 18 months now and I can feel it on the pitch as well as off pitch, how much he has helped with in my everyday life and we will work together to get to the next level

Yasmin Nazary - Muay Thai Fighter

Christopher T. – Mixed Martial Artist

” Had a session earlier today with Richard Hart, I’ve never experienced hypnosis in my life before and this was the first time and I can actually say it’s had a positive affect on my mind. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve as it’s all in the mind as we only use a tiny percent of our brain. I think I probably used 1 percent ha ha, up until earlier! Contact Richard Hart”

Yasmin Nazary - Muay Thai Fighter

Yasmin Nazary – Muay Thai Fighter

” Yesterday I had the privilege to experience being Hypnotised by Richard in regards to working on my mindset, I believe you can never work enough on your mind and it’s beautiful to watch it evolve and get a better understanding of it. Richard Hart sat with me over webcam and went through the process of hypnotising me… it was completely not what I imagined it to be but it was absolutely brilliant and by by the end of the session I felt my mind set was so much stronger. I felt this incredible energy and it lasted for at least half an hour after. Today I woke up and I feel great and my mindset feels solid as hell … next week I become the WBC National Champion !!! Please chat with him you are interested doing some work with him ! I can guarantee you will gain huge benefits from it! “

tim wylde

Tim Wilde – Mixed Martial Artist

I just want to say a big thank you  to Richard Hart, you know you called it mate I felt focused today I got the job done , I’m like super buzzing mate thank you for all your help , lets go onto the next one…OUSS

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