Don’t suffer from self-doubt or fear of failure, learn how to perform when talent alone is not enough

Richard Hart ‘The English Hypnotist’ will help you compete to the best of your ability

pre fight nerves


Do you suffer with pre-fight nerves or get anxious? I will help you lose those feelings and emotions using techniques in and out of hypnosis in one session, over video-chat or in person with amazing results.



Do you suffer from a lack of confidence or feel you have no confidence at all? Using a number of different techniques, I will help you overcome these issues and help you achieve your goals.



Do you want to have increased levels of focus when you train or compete in any form of combat sports, such as MMA, boxing, Muay Thai or Kickboxing? Using tried and tested techniques I will help.

Richard Hart – The English Hypnotist

Richard Hart The English Hypnotist

Hi my name is Richard Hart and I used to be a Midland ,English and British Thaiboxing Champion, my last fight was February 2007. I then started helping Fighters in the corners for some of the fighters from the Successful Thaiboxing Gym, K-Star in Birmingham.

I wanted to stay involved with fighters and help them achieve similar success and surpass my own accomplishments and i understood that a Big part of the fighting game is the mental side, it’s important to spend time with strength and conditioning, running, sparring , diet and skill work.

What many fighters miss out, and this plays a huge part in getting the win, is the mental side..

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Active Fighters Improving Their Skill-set

“If you’re not training your mind, you’re not training properly”

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