Richard Hart The English Hypnotist

My name is Richard Hart, I competed in Thaiboxing between 1996 and 2007 and during that period I won some fights by way of K.O. earning a midland English and a British Title.

I also lost some fights on points so I understand the highs and lows of fighting, the pressure and the stress of success. This got me very interested in the mindset of a fighter, so I studied and studied this field. I became certified in NLP and Hypnosis in 2010, and that was just the tip of the iceberg, only the beginning of my journey.

I now help fighters involved in MMA (mixed martial arts)  from UFC, CAGEWARRIORS, BELLATOR MMA and other organisations. I also help some Thaiboxers and kickboxers fighting on GLORY as well as some professional Boxers.

You may be thinking how do I help them using Hypnosis?

The brief version..

Using a variety of techniques I put the Fighter into hypnosis. Whilst in Hypnosis, you will be in a trance like state engaging your imagination through visualisation.

It’s possible to work with the unconscious/subconscious mind in a way where distractions and bad thoughts evaporate with more positive choices, better ways of thinking made readily available. This could be more focus or more confidence and self belief.

Those who already feel confident and focused by doing some kind of meditation or Self Hypnsois Visualisation, great! But when you are being guided through a Visualisation whilst in Hypnosis this will be way more powerful, and much more effective …imagine that!

During a fight camp I ask the fighter to answer 3 questions in a journal after every training session, then send me the answers so I can monitor their answeres and language used. The power of language used by us unconsciously affects the way we perceive ourselves and can be the fuel for feeling great, or the fuel for negativity.

I help people consciously alter it, and with repetition it becomes an unconscious habit, and then watch them develop and progress in not just their training , but in their mindset becoming stronger and stronger every fight camp.

I do 95% of my sessions over video chat now with great success, working with fighters not only in the UK, but in Las Vegas, Chicago, Ireland and Thailand to name a few.

If you are reading this you may already have a curiosity and possibly think you would like some kind of guidance or help with your mindset. Take the next step and just get in touch…


I will make you a better fighter.

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