Richard Hart The English Hypnotist

Greetings, I am Richard Hart, a former Muay Thai boxing competitor from 1996 to 2007. Throughout my journey, I secured some victories via K.O., attaining a Midland English and a British Title, while also experiencing setbacks that unveiled the intense dynamics of fighting – the triumphs and trials, pressures and successes.

My passion for the fighter’s mindset led me to delve into this field extensively. In 2010, I became a certified practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis. This marked the inception of my transformative journey, propelling me to offer comprehensive assistance to MMA fighters from esteemed organizations such as UFC, CAGEWARRIORS, and BELLATOR MMA, alongside Thai boxers, kickboxers on GLORY, and professional boxers.

Wondering how I employ Hypnosis to empower these athletes?

In essence…

Through a blend of specialized techniques, I induce a state of hypnosis, guiding fighters into a trance-like state that amplifies their imaginative capabilities through visualization.

In this state, the unconscious mind can be harnessed, melting away distractions and negative notions, replaced by empowering choices and enhanced mental frameworks.

This could encompass heightened focus, self-assurance, and fortified self-belief.

While some already utilize meditation or self-hypnosis visualization, undergoing guided visualization within a hypnotic state exponentially magnifies its effectiveness—imagine the potency!

During fight camps, I encourage athletes to journal three post-training questions, aiding them in introspection. These responses are shared with me, enabling me to scrutinize their language and insights.

Our choice of words can profoundly shape our perception, serving as either catalysts for positivity or harbors of negativity. I facilitate conscious transformation, which, through repetition, seamlessly integrates into their unconscious, nurturing resilience and potency in each fight camp.

My sessions predominantly occur through video chat, yielding exceptional results. My influence extends beyond the UK, reaching as far as America, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and Thailand.

As you absorb these words, a spark of curiosity may ignite within you. If you’re considering refining your mindset, embrace that urge and embark on the next step by reaching out.

Elevate your potential with my guidance,

Allow me to forge you into a superior fighter.

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