The Power of Language

The power of language , do you know how saying something unknowingly in a negative way can affect someone so much.

I believe before I started NLP and hypnosis I was also probably very – ..Read more


I think there are 3 types of fighter:

Fighter 1. Who doesn’t visualise, doesn’t see the importance
Fighter 2. Who visualises their fights themselves (like self hypnosis)
Fighter 3. Who invests in their Mindset and uses – ..Read more

Keeping a training journal

I think most fighters these days keep a training Journal. If you don’t I suggest you start because it’s important to monitor your training and look for ways to improve on each session, – ..Read more

MMA is moving forward, are you?

The MMA fight game is becoming more public which is a good thing because of the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter, Cage-warriors, BAMMA, One Championship and many other great organisations too many to mention – ..Read more

Fighting is 80% in the mind

There are many fighters who now use a hypnotist / mind coach or Hypnotherapist to assist in ‘fighting their Best’, with lots of great fighters known to of used a hypnotist such as – ..Read more

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