What is Hypnosis?2017-11-19T17:44:24+00:00

Hypnosis is a process in which you engage your imagination, going into a dreamlike state ( trance ) where Everything is possible. IMAGINE THAT

Have any Famous fighters ever used Hypnosis to help them?2017-11-19T17:39:56+00:00

Wow, where do I begin?? Mike Tyson used to be hypnotised up to 3 times a day and always had a Hypnotist present at his fight camps because cus damato knew of the benefits for fighters. Nigel Benn, Steve Collins and many UFC Fighters know of the benefits and capitalise on this to perform to their best.

Will our sessions be kept confidential?2017-11-19T17:38:32+00:00

Everything said and done during a session is 100% confidential. I am always professional with the way I conduct myself. Some fighters I work with prefer to be kept anonymous which I respect, others are happy to share their developments, as this can assist in getting sponsorship. I mention them or share their names, only with their permission.

Can it work over video chat?2017-11-19T17:35:14+00:00

Yes yes yes! If you would of asked me 5 years ago I would of said no, but it is limitless and has been tried and tested by all the top hypnotists. This is the way forward because it holds many benefits, such as I’m only on the end of a WiFi signal, there is no travelling and can be done in the comfort of your own home. I do 95% of my sessions this way with excellent results. I do my sessions over Zoom Video Chat, which is easy to create, you just use your email as a username and create a password. As long as you have a good enough WiFi signal, a device with enough battery and an open mind, great work will be done!

What is Fight camp Hypnosis?2017-11-19T17:32:12+00:00

Fight camp Hypnosis is the best package I offer and I don’t know of anyone else who offers the care and attention that I am able to provide. You will get 3 video chat sessions, taught a new training journal (which you will send to me daily) and I will assist you in developing mentally and skillfully using this process. I will always be contactable and there for you.

Will you brainwash me or is it dangerous?2017-11-19T17:43:41+00:00

No definitely not, Hypnosis is just a way to deliver what you want. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, a bit like meditation, in which the participent becomes more aware of their inner world than in a normal conscious state.

How will it help me fight better?2017-11-19T17:29:49+00:00

We will use a variety of techniques to eliminate bad feelings and thoughts, and install good resources like Confidence and Focus ..where in your competition you will perform at your best.

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