Whether it’s Hypnosis for Football or Hypnosis for Athletes, using Hypnosis is a key way to perform your best. An athlete involved in all sports, need to have a strong mindset because they are being tested to their limits.

Hypnosis is a very natural process, you engage your imagination (Unconscious Mind) so the footballer’s Mindset can be enhanced.


I work with many Elite athletes, involved in many sports, so Hypnosis for Football is the same as another sport with an Athletes Mindset, they are focused on success, finding the energy and wisdom, to perform their best.

Have you ever had a game where you performed really well, and others where you didn’t, this is very often down to the Footballers Mindset not being at its best.

A big part of the work we do together is Visualisation, this trains the Unconscious mind on how you want to perform/react during the game, when done correctly the Footballers Mindset becomes almost programmed, whether you are injured or active, the Visualisation process is extremely important because the brain doesn’t know the difference between what you see in front of you now, and what you imagine, this can be used to your advantage by visualising playing football, the brain and body connect during hypnosis as if it’s happening, and it stores it as an experience

I work on an ongoing basis with a Footballer who was out injured for 6 weeks with a foot injury, during this time we spent time visualising himself training and playing games, when he had his first game his coach commented on how perfect his touch was, how quick his reactions were, even though he hadn’t trained for 6 weeks because of his injury, something else I haven’t said yet is, after the adrenaline had worn off from the game and his Footballers Mindset had gone into a calm relaxed mode, he began to feel discomfort in his foot again, so they gave him an MRI scan, which revealed he had a fracture so was sidelined again for 6 weeks,

So lets recap; his pass was perfect, his reactions were perfect and he did all of this playing with a fractured foot (as it was the same complaint and not a minor injury like first thought)

This shows how powerful the mind can be.

From the work we do together the footballer’s Mindset will improve not just in Football, the positive results of the work we do together will spread out into other areas of your life.

There is a variety of packages I offer, some footballers prefer to have a weekly session, others a bi-weekly session, you will be given pre training/game recording to listen to, additionally, you will be taught a training journal that will also make great shifts on its own. To see if you qualify for the Hypnosis for Footballers Program, please contact me and we can arrange a Free no-obligation video chat.