There are many fighters who now use a hypnotist / mind coach or Hypnotherapist to assist in ‘fighting their Best’, with lots of great fighters known to of used a hypnotist such as Mike Tyson, Nigel Benn, Steve Collins and In MMA Chael Sonnen and Meisha Tate.

Many fighters and trainers say it’s 80-85% mental, so it surprises me more fighters don’t Go and Invest In A Fighters Hypnotist. As fighters progress up the levels to the Big Stage fighting on shows like UFC , EFC, ACB, ONE CHAMPIONSHIP, CAGE WARRIORS, BAMMA, INVICTA, KSW, BELLATOR, GLORY the list goes on.

As a fighter reaches this Big Stage the pressure to win is Higher, wether it’s the fans or the pressure of losing and not getting another contract (which focusing on what happens if they lose is a bad thought please read blog …how a fight is lost before the bell rings ….)

Many Fighters on this big stage wanting to fight their ultimate best , where they have complete Focus and confidence are already investing in making sure their mind is strong, if there is 2 fighters with a similar skill set and strength, the thing that will separate the winner and the loser will be the one who has the strongest mindset.

Here’s another example which is also true you have

Fighter One who has a great skill set and is powerful with a great level of fitness.

Fighter Two is not as skilful , but powerful and has a strong mindset because they use a Fighters Hypnotist.

Fighter Two will win the fight , because a fight is 80-85% Mindset and Fighter Two will be crystal clear on what to do, they would of imagined it vividly many times before the fight and their reactions will be faster and will have more belief and confidence than fighter One , even if Fighter One visualises, it is way more powerful and more effective having a Guided Visualisation like Fighter Two would of had.

So the Big question is why Don’t more fighters Use A Fighters Hypnotist in Fight Camp, for more information on how I will help you …….GET IN TOUCH