Success on the big stage can add a lot of unnecessary pressure the big lights, big crowds and being on T.V. the focus changes from winning to feeding the bad wolf with thoughts of:

  • What if I lose in front of all those fans / on T.V.

  • I’m not as good as these other fighters on the card

  • The crowd might boo me

  • I’m not as good as the rest of the fight card

So most the focus is on the negative things, wether it’s a fight in a cage in the gym, a small venue or a big venue it should remain the same because it’s still a fight, with 2 Fighters both wanting to win and one referee that’s it. And many fighters find it hard to starve the bad wolf and either don’t show up or perform badly.

So my Question to you is

Do you lose focus in your fight ?
Do you underperform, is there more inside you ?
Do you get nervous or anxious before a fight ?
Do you have the mechanics of a good fighter and don’t take it into the fight ?

My personal goal is to help these kind of fighters, the fighters who have the potential but they let themselves down mentally from achieving their dreams , the ones who work wonders in training and fall apart in fight week because of the mental pressures of fighting.

These are the fighters who will really appreciate the transformations that occur from hypnosis working with me, some make public acknowledgments on social media spreading the good word of the work I do.

Other fighters prefer to keep it confidential about working with me, so I don’t disclose any information, I don’t say their names or mention their victories because they asked to remain anonymous which I respect. Those fighters who are happy for the exposure I do so with their permission I make posts which I hope helps them receive extra publicity and potential sponsorships which assists them in making enough money to continue their dream.

When I work with a fighter on the Fight Camp Hypnosis Package I give total commitment to them being 100% on fight day. The sessions are completely confidential and all information is between myself and the fighter and stays there, what happens in the session stays in the session.

The reason I say this is because some may be scared or hesitate to open up and reveal fears or any problems that need addressing, a lot of the techniques I use can be content free so I don’t need to know any personal information.

Please get in touch if want to know more……