I think most fighters these days keep a training Journal. If you don’t I suggest you start because it’s important to monitor your training and look for ways to improve on each session, see what works for you and what doesn’t.

keeping a training journal

Now this sounds really easy which it should be, But where you focus you focus your attention is really important, let me explain what I mean by this.

If for example you finish a session and you come away from it focusing on what you did wrong, the mistakes you made, it will naturally make you feel negative

I have done this myself before, which made me feel really crap, and this is not what you want in a fight camp especially in the last week or so when you may be already tired from the training.

So you need to be careful how you fuel your thoughts, I frame it in a couple of ways one is the good wolf and the bad wolf, another is 2 lawyers. With the 2 lawyers example it’s like this, imagine 2 lawyers arguing over wether you should fight, I may sound a little crazy when I say this but I used to have internal thoughts/conversations/arguments (ok I do sound a little crazy after re reading this) about wether I should fight person A or not and I’m hoping I’m not on my own with this kind of self talk, then this is what happens.

Lawyer A doesn’t want you to fight

Lawyer B wants you to fight

So if lawyer A gathers all these bits of information/evidence of when you did this wrong and this wrong in training, getting caught with specific shots, schoolboy errors, you was slow, your technique was sloppy etc because this is what you were focusing your attention on, this is what you was saying after training to yourself or teammates or noting in your journal.

It’s a very easy case for Lawyer A to win because it will keep reminding you of that particular training session, where this was done wrong or you was lethargic regardless of what happened in previous sessions.

And then the fighter doubt themselves naturally and then believes they shouldn’t fight , and have thoughts of how to pull out or start imagining themselves getting hurt etc and the body then creates more adrenaline because it thinks there is a real danger,the thoughts get worse because of the feelings and it just snowballs in a cause effect cycle (thought – feeling – thought about feeling – feeling worse etc.) and the person has a big adrenaline dump, often making a person very anxious, be sick or just have bad stomach pains.

Which can make many fighters decide to pull out of a fight, a day before or even on the day of the Fight, and you may of heard of someone like this or even experienced this yourself.

So one of the questions for the training Journal is this;

Where did you give great effort?

By answering this question correctly your focus is on only the good , and is gathering evidence for Lawyer B, and this will make you feel better because,

‘Where The Mind Goes Energy Flows’

Filling in a training journal correctly is a big step in the right direction, the fighters I work with send me answers to 3 questions after each training session via whatsapp,so I can monitor their language and correct them if needed,I notice transformations in people just by the way they begin to answer these questions correctly, naturally and effortlessly because from doing it consciously it becomes an unconscious habit,other elements are visualising the Fight the way you Want to perform.

I make the journal, the information I get from it and visualising the Fight, big parts of the fight camp I do because they are important .

My Goal is to assist in making your mindset as strong as possible and help you Fight your best and achieve great things.