If you ask fighters what is the most important part during a fight the majority will admit it’s the mind.
A fight can be lost before the first bell even sounds.

I remember hearing a story of a Wrestler from London called ‘ Bert Asarati ‘. He was a wrestler many people feared because of the damage he inflicted on his opponents ,even when it was a match for fun, because he wanted to make people scared of him.

There was another wrestler from Glasgow who had a good reputation winning all his fights wanting to make a name for himself, so he decided to head down to london and fight Asarati at an arena in London, so as he was travelling down from Glasgow on the train to fight Asarati.

The doubt started to creep in and he started to feed the bad wolf in his mind, the Glaswegian wrestler kept thinking of Asarati’s reputation for giving no mercy and inflicting as much damage as possible on his opponent,and at every stop on the way down the fear grew bigger and bigger , more and more doubt in his own abilities grew as he focused his attention on getting hurt. As this fear got bigger and bigger when he got to Birmingham train station he got off, sent a letter to Asarati saying you beat me in Birmingham and returned back to Glasgow on the first available train.

You may ask how could a fighter whose won many fights be so scared, well here’s an explanation that will make sense as you start to understand how the brain works.

I’ll frame it like this, the brain doesn’t understand the difference between what it’s seeing now and what it imagines, which would explain why people with arachnophobia get so scared of an ordinary little spider ?, because they imagine it to be a threat.

They imagine it being bigger and sometimes angry (how does a spider look when it’s angry ?), this is the persons imagination their perception of what they see. So believing there is a serious threat to their wellbeing the body releases adrenaline, causing the fight / flight (and freeze ) response.

Back to the caveman days it is a totally natural feeling it’s what the individual does with their thoughts that makes the difference.

So with this in mind it’s easy to understand now, that with the wrong thoughts any fighter no matter what their experience is could get anxious in the build up to a fight or competition, if they focus on the losing and negatives. External things contribute massively, wether it’s family, friends, people at the gym, social media and chat forums (many with fake accounts).

From my own experience friends and family can add unnecessary pressure unknowingly saying things like

“Are you going to win, you’re not going to lose are you?”
“I don’t want to see you lose, are you better than him/her?”
“What if he/she knocks you out in front of everyone”
“Have you trained enough for this fight”

There has been many variations of the above and having people you like or love say these things will have a negative effect, and it’s sometimes their own limitations or fear that makes them ask these questions.

All this will assist in losing focus on what’s important the WINNING. Using Fight Camp Hypnosis will give the fighter crystal clear focus on exactly what to do, the fighter will perform their ultimate best. I will eliminate the bad feelings / the doubt so no matter how hard you try you cannot feel those feelings.

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