The MMA fight game is becoming more public which is a good thing because of the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter, Cage-warriors, BAMMA, One Championship and many other great organisations too many to mention and they are creating stars which is key to making these sports successful wether it’s cage-warriors and the UFC with Connor McGregor, BAMMA with Aaron Chalmers, the sport is moving forward because of these ingredients, your getting to know these fighters on a personal level from the press conferences and reality shows like The Ultimate Fighter, whether you love or hate the individuals you start talking about them.

So I’m excited the sport is moving forward creating more opportunities for fighters to earn enough money so they can just train and fight.


The sport is also evolving in the way fighters train, when I used to fight in Thaiboxing I was responsible for doing my own diet, strength and conditioning and specific skill work, now there is so much knowledge out there, ways to perform your best, recover quickly and the MMA Fighters are now training on another level, they have coaches for jujitsu, strength and conditioning, striking coaches from boxing and Thaiboxing backgrounds people who are at the top of their game. Some are now using a Fighters Hypnotist like me and this seems to be the final piece of the jigsaw.

Training the mind being completely focused and Confident on winning, visualising has been around for many years with good reason it’s powerfully effective, some of the Fighters coaches already know a small part about Hypnosis and understand the benefits showing and teaching the fighter visualisation techniques, some even know how to send their fighter into Hypnosis and then do a visualisation which is brilliant because this will have a positive effect.

I love that trainers are doing this with their fighters because not only are they conditioning the fighter to going into Hypnosis because it is like most things the more you repeat something the better you get at it they are showing the fighter that it works , so just imagine the possibilities of using someone who specifically uses Hypnosis for fighters with a passion and has tried and tested a big volume of techniques and is always making new developments.

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