Hypnosis has been around in the fight game for a longtime benefiting fighters like Boxing legends Mike Tyson, Steve Collins, and Nigel Benn and MMA Fighters from the UFC Like Chael Sonnen, Meisha Tate, and with many other famous fighters like Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali and Connor McGregor who have been known to use and implement visualisations and specific ways of thinking into their Fighting which I now use in the Fight Camp Hypnosis Package.

importance of a positive mind

Rocky Marciano would go into isolation blocking out all negative influences wouldn’t read any newspapers because he may see a write up favouring his opponent that would stick in his mind , and knew how this would affect him in his fight. The people around him wouldn’t mention the opponents name because Rocky Marciano knew the damage of negative thinking so this was his coping mechanism to stay in control, to Stay positive, (today the knowledge and techniques used by Hypnotists and hypnotherapists alike reframe and remove the bad feelings so no matter how much the person tries they cannot feel that negative feeling or think that thought the same way).

He would visualise beating his opponent regularly , he would also imagine when hitting the bag or pads it was his opponents face he was hitting , he would imagine that he was actually fighting him by moving, blocking and countering as if he was in front of him. Always focusing on what he was going to do ,he would also visualise beating his opponent whilst on a run as many fighters do today. Every conversation was kept positive because he was aware of the good impact this had on his mindset.

Rocky Marciano fought between 1952-1956 and had an undefeated record of 49 straight victories in the heavyweight division of boxing.

To live a life like Rocky Marciano did today, would prove quite difficult and be extreme with the social media used in the promotion of a fight, needed off the fighter to sell tickets but, there is ways to keep the mind focused and stay positive, there are ways / techniques available to remove negativeness and be positive similar if not better to the way Rocky used to think and this can be done through Hypnosis.

I believe that the Fight Camp Hypnosis Package I do is one of a kind giving the fighter constant support in the build up to the fight , during the training sessions and in the final week of the fight camp, even on fight day I make myself available unlike many other Mind Coaches / Hypnotists, I invest myself in the fighters success.

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