I recently caught up with Pro Fighter, Tim ‘The Experiment’ Wilde for a quick Q&A, Tim has successfully been using The Hypnosis Fight Camp package, and recently fought on February 10th 2018 at the Golden Ticket Fight Promotion.

Tim 'The Experiment' Wilde

So Tim how long have you been Fighting?

I’ve been doing MMA for 7 years and competing for 6.

And what’s your current Record?

I went 7-1 as an amateur and currently 11-3 as a pro.

What was Your favourite Fight and why?

I really enjoyed my fight with Damien Brown on cage warriors. I got to showcase all my skills and the fight went everywhere striking wrestling and grappling and I dominated stepping up to the main card on 2 weeks notice.

Why did you start fighting?

I naturally progressed to MMA but I have come from a traditional martial arts background. I love sport and competing so it comes natural to me.

What Gym do you fight for?

UTC Staffs in Cannock under Jon Roberts is my main gym along side Gracie Barra Walsall under Neil Simkins.

So at the Golden Ticket Fight Promotion on February 10th 2018 , you were scheduled to fight The Ultimate Fighter winner and UFC Fighter Norman Parke, why did this Fight not happen?

Norman pulled out of the fight due to hurting his hand. I understand fighters get injured but he hasn’t broke it. I fought with injuries I’m a warrior you just push through it. It was especially annoying to find out he is fighting 3 weeks after our scheduled fight.

Do you think your paths will cross another time?

I like to hope so but I doubt it. I think he recognised he dodges a bullet and don’t see him calling me out any time soon.

During the Hypnosis Fight Camp I have noticed many developments in you as a fighter and as a person , have you noticed anything since we first started working together?

Yes the whole process has seriously helped with my focus and discipline for the camp and for my fight and training. I have also noticed it has helped me grow as a person away from the sport and so have people around me, so thank you for everything.

Your performance against Amin Ayoub was very controlled and you fought your very elusive style with great success , Amin was a very tough and game opponent what did you think of him?

I respect him stepping in to face me. I believe he was a more dangerous fighter in some ways especially his striking. He is very young in the sport and in his age. I see him having a long and successful career in mma and only hope he grows from our fight like I will have.

So what’s next for Tim Wilde?

I will continue to develop my skill set and push forward in my career and achieve my goals which I have set. I look forward to fighting again very soon.

Are there any coaches, trainers, sparring partners or sponsors you’d like to give a shout out to who have assisted you in being the great fighter you are?

A very big thank you to Jon Roberts and Neil Simkins and all my coaches training partners at UTC, GBWS1 and 4DMMA. Thank you to my sponsors:- Booster, Active Therapy, Lionheart Fighting Fund, Probuild and the Chase Health Club. Big thank you to all my fans who come and support me and show me love.

And how can any sponsors get in touch with you?

Tim Wilde MMA on all social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram)