I think there are 3 types of fighter:

Fighter 1. Who doesn’t visualise, doesn’t see the importance
Fighter 2. Who visualises their fights themselves (like self hypnosis)
Fighter 3. Who invests in their Mindset and uses a Fighters Hypnotist like me

Which Fighter are you??


Fighter 1. May have the skills but will not reach their potential, and have fights where they under perform, and switch off.

Fighter 2. Will be successful and will perform well in their Fights.

Fighter 3. Will surpass the other 2 Fighters, will have that edge over them because a guided visualisation whilst in hypnosis is way more powerful, with the added ingredients the hypnotist adds in at precisely the right time.

If you are Fighter 1. and you want to perform better at least do what Fighter 2. Does, and below I will advise on the better ways to visualise from my experience.

Tips on visualisation

Turn off all your devices, be somewhere it’s quiet you will not be disturbed.

Do some box breathing ….Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds (and relax), wait 4 seconds and repeat this cycle 4 times, because by now you will be a lot more relaxed and find it easier to visualise.

Before you begin , make sure you have an idea of how you want to fight and how you will control the fight, the things you will do, maybe drills and counters you have been working on. What you want to avoid is to focus on things you may do wrong, being overwhelmed by the opponent, panicking etc. KEEP IT IN THE POSITIVE.

When you visualise, experience through your own eyes be in the fight and engage all of your senses, this is called being associated compared to just imagining watching yourself in the fight from outside which is disassociated (further down is an example for you to experience).

Practice, practice and practice

The more you practice the better you will get, hypnosis is very similar to learning a kick or a punch you get better the more you practice it hypnosis is the same, I have clients who to start off with, took over 5 minutes to go into hypnosis and now some go within seconds of looking into my eyes and listening to my Hypnosis Voice.

Associated vs Disassociated

In a moment I want you to do 2 different visualisations.

Close your eyes and visualise a happy memory, but not through your own eyes see yourself doing whatever it is with whoever is there, envision all the colours, hear the sounds, maybe the laughter or the voices. Then open your eyes and rate your experience out of 10.

This time close your eyes and see what’s in front of you up close maybe a face, hear the sounds, maybe the laughter or the voices and now feel those great feelings inside you, where inside you feel it now, and notice which direction the feeling spins clockwise or anti clockwise and spin the feeling faster, and make the great feeling even stronger. Open your eyes and rate the feeling out of 10.

You should of noticed the second one is more real / life like by being associated you will get a better result, by feeling those good feelings.

However there is a way that I do both associated and disassociated at different times during the fight camp because I have found it joins all the pieces of the jigsaw into perfection something I couldn’t visualise in self hypnosis.

I think the main reason visualisation is so powerful and effective is because the brain doesn’t know the difference between what it sees in front of you now and what it imagines, that’s why people with spider phobias see a big life threatening spider with an angry face and those without a spider phobia, see a small spider that can be easily removed, it’s the imagination that takes over.

With this in mind you may get a sense of how powerful a visualisation can be,when done correctly especially a guided one. In hypnosis, all your senses are engaged those useful resources you have turned up, completely switched on totally focused…. imagine that!

If you have any questions or you are interested in the Hypnosis Fight Camp package I offer please get in touch

I WILL make YOU A Better Fighter