Ok, often I get asked about what exactly I do and how does it work, so I will explain it as best as I can.
Hypnosis for fighters has been used for years; Please read my other blog (Tyson). So using Hypnosis to get a Fighters Mindset is nothing new.

fight camp mindset training

So in Brief…..

I will help the Fighter go into Hypnosis by engaging their imagination, and once in Hypnosis it is possible to do a number of things like, eliminate/ remove bad feelings, un-earth / create useful resources, like confidence, self-belief, focus.

Repeatedly install a visualisation in such a way, that it becomes automatic when in a fight.

The unconscious/ subconscious mind will take on suggestions that will serve you and make the change you want.

And with the journal entries (please see journal blog) as the other piece of the jigsaw, an improved and strong Fighters Mindset is created.

What do you need to do?

Contact me by email / messenger and then I will arrange a phone call or a video chat and talk to you and see where you are currently, and asses what you want from the Fight Camp. Then I’ll look at what areas I think will be important to work on and if I feel I can work with you, and help you get you to the place you want, and see if you are happy with me.

I’ll explain the different packages available, the Gold , Silver and Bronze.

  • Gold is 4 sessions in person face to face, (at an address in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham B75 area U.K.)
  • Silver is one session face to face and the other 3 over video chat
  • Bronze with all 4 over video chat.

(Destiny, Testimonial of Fight Camp)

When a choice has been made, I will then ask the best times and days for a session, and check my availability, once you agree to the selected days and times I will reserve them for 24 hours, during this period you send me full payment by Bank transfer or PayPal, once received those appointments are secured and yours. I will arrange an additional session over video asap to discuss the journal questions, and exchange numbers and create a whatsapp chat between us, and then we’re good to go.

If you choose either the Silver or Bronze, a Zoom Video Chat account is necessary. It is totally free , all you do is follow a link I send and create an account using your email address and then create a password for when you log in, depending on the device you use, it may recommend a particular download it is a very safe and secure site, this is why I predominantly use it.

I do 95% of my hypnosis sessions over video chat with great results, I’m currently working with fighters who are based in Las Vegas, Chicago, Ireland, Thailand as well as England. Having the sessions over video chat makes life so easy not just for me but for the client as well because You don’t have to travel to see me and it can be done in the comfort of your own home as long as;

  • You have a wifi signal good enough for video chat like FaceTime
  • You can be undisturbed
  • Be somewhere it’s safe to close your eyes and go into hypnosis
  • Be handsfree
  • Have an open mind to hypnosis.

You will be able to make the necessary changes and achieve The Fighters Mindset you want.

My goal is to help as many fighters achieve greatness and surpass their own expectations, providing you have the skills combined with a great mindset achievable through hypnosis it’s inevitable you will succeed.

I’m lucky enough to be working with some great fighters on an ongoing basis, I use Hypnosis for MMA fighters like Tom Breese from the UFC, rising featherweight star Aiden Lee from cage-warriors and Lightweight Fighter Tim Wilde who has just signed for Bellator MMA.

I also work with Destiny McCubbin from Extreme Couture MMA in Las Vegas, who is a fighter again I really see potential with and she has a hunger for success and I will assist her on this journey, I work with many more fighters some involved on the Glory kickboxing circuit and some prefer to remain anonymous, which I respect so I never name or make posts about them.

I work with fighters involved in not just MMA but Muaythai, BJJ and boxing both male and female.

With all 3 packages you will be shown a training Journal where you will answer 3 questions write them down and also send them to me via whatsapp the reason for this, is to make sure that you answer them correctly and I can monitor the language you use, and if I notice anything I will ask you directly to make sure everything is ok, if not I will implement it into the next session if necessary, or arrange an unscheduled chat to bring some resolution for you some piece of mind.

These are the other benefits of sending me messages via Whats App, I am here as support for you the fighter, often things can pop up out of the blue in between scheduled sessions, so rather than wait till the next session , we can chat by message,phone or if necessary I will arrange a quick video chat and assist in you re focusing your attention where it’s needed. I will also make myself available on fight day, generally I book the last session for this day, to ensure you are totally focused.

I do make myself available to attend the Fight and do a session in the changing room pre fight, all that needs to be covered is my travel expenses etc.

If working with me interests you or you have a curiosity of how I will help you please get in touch….

I WILL make YOU A Better Fighter