Hypnotherapy for Athletic Performance, many Athletes use a Sports Mindset Coach because there is strength in asking for guidance in a key area for a great performance.

Whether it is to improve football performance, improve Fight performance or just improve Focus on a particular task.

Hypnosis taps into awesome resources inside the Mind, my job as a Hypnotist is to shine a light on the true magic that lies inside each and every one of us and make the changes.

Is something stopping you from performing your best?

Is there a part of you holding you back, scared or negative?

We all have an inner voice often more than one, like an entity/ego, and it can be destructive or limit your performance, so I help show you ways to control those thoughts and feelings and give Audios if necessary.



We do not get shown or taught techniques at school to help us understand the power of the words we use, the language we use is key to the experience we have, we also do not get shown how to control our inner thoughts which can be empowering and sometimes also destructive.

So take control, to be fair you have more control than you realise, when I ask a person can you make the feeling / thought worse most times they say “ Yes ”, so this shows control and if they can make it worse they have the control to make it less they sometimes just need to be shown how, and I will do this.


I sometimes get asked “ Does Hypnosis work for Athletes “

And my answer is “ YES “, because Hypnosis is the imagination, 

when people experience anxiety / Fear this is them negatively imagining a future event creating an emotional response.

So if you can do it a negative way you can also do it positively.


I work with many Top Athletes involved in sports such as; 

We work together, some of the processes are closed-eye ones where you engage in your imagination following my guidance to the best of your ability, which will do several things depending on our focus, we may do what is termed as ‘Remedial Therapy’ ( removing bad/negative emotions ) or with many Athletes it could be ‘Generative Therapy’ making good qualities even better, below is a list of other benefits experienced by my clients.

  • Weight release ( important for making weight, with no negative effects )
  • Speed up of Physical Recovery 
  • Aches & Pains removed (as long as it is approved by a doctor because sometimes pain can be our internal alarm that needs attention)
  • Focused Mind with quicker thinking 
  • Remove Stress
  • Positive thoughts
  • Improved Performance 
  • An automated reaction/program on what to do in a Fight / Football Match or competition 


Visualising is a very important part to improve your performance and be your best version, you could call it a dress rehearsal, repeated many times will inevitably improve your performance and yet not many Professional Athletes or Amateur Athletes spend much time Visualising.

They say ‘Fighting is 80% in the Mind’

I think all sports are at least 80% in the Mind because you can have all the Skills/abilities and if the Mind is not in the best place the performance suffers and will be average at best.

If an athlete goes into a performance with negative thinking a negative outcome will occur and sometimes go to the next one and so on, this is why it is important to take all learnings from performances, wipe the slate clean and plan ahead with different actions, solutions to old problems and the performance will improve., you will be acting solution-based way of thinking.


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